Wednesday, January 18, 2012

They say regrets always come too late

Flow the wind, follow where it goes
We can never go against how time flows
Move on, don't dwell in sadness, in regrets
Cause in life, things happen for a reason

I'm sure all of you agree with my title above. I mean if regrets were to come early, I'm sure we all live a life that is so smooth, so easy, so peaceful and there's no challenge at all. Well, what's life without challenges right? I guess regrets are one of the best teachers we can have. Just like experience. It teaches us how to move on, how to not grudge on the decision we have made, and to turn a "bad" decision into something positive.

Many times we regret, we curse ourselves and well, we just.. Regret. And of course we learn from this experience and make sure we don't repeat it again. But also at times, regretting is different from just simply "learning from experience". At times, regretting, makes you miss a moment you'll never have again in your life. Like the most common one, I should have....

I've always told myself to do things without regret. But since the saying goes it always comes too late. And also at times in life, we gotta weigh the "future". Some times we miss things because we know it's better to miss it. Or well, we just know that we gotta miss it or we'll "regret" not missing it. The most important thing is, don't dwell in regrets. We can never turn back time and well, so we just move on.

Why am I talking about this?

Well I was making my presents for some of my band friends for their 35th MD. I'll be their photographer this Friday. I won't be sitting down on the stage of Esplenade playing my heart out. It's a decision I've made back in October. And well at times, these days, that regret is pinching my heart bit by bit. It's a decision I've made so I'll bear the consequence. That feeling of wanting to play is there, after all, I'm still a band-it.

And I'll always remind myself that well, I'm trading this off for something, for an experience of a lifetime. And that is climbing Mount Kinabalu. I've summited, I've climbed it and well, I did it basically. If I were to mix band and KK together, it's a great recipe for disaster. Cause I'm really not sure if I can cope my studies and my trainings well. Can you imagine? Mon, Wed, Fri KK, Tue and Thur band. Wow huh.

I guess it's pretty normal. I'm a music lover, and who doesn't want to perform in Esplenade? Of course I do. But the decision is made and now I can't turn back time.

Nevertheless, I'm really looking forward to a great music-filled evening this Friday, and I hope I can pull it off with my photography skills. It's another dream of mine, to cover a concert in a grandeur hall. So I'm pretty much looking forward to it :)

Alright let's not dwell in sadness and regret. I know that I will graduate with the band. And I'll perform in MD 36! :)

Good night people.

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